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Virtual Future

We develop virtual reality and other mobile games. In principle, we never publish projects that people wouldn't like. We attach great importance to user experiences.



Our game studio was founded in Istanbul in 2019. We produce Virtual Reality, Hyper Casual and Casual Games. 


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17 DECEMBER 2019 (Released)

Welcome to the moon park. People come to this park with cruisers. They enjoy different entertainment rides. This game can be played with Google VR glasses. It contains  -Ranger -Roller Coaster -ChaosTower -ReverseWorld -Haunted Train -Hot Air Balloon -Pirate Boat Gondel -Ferris Wheel -Free Fall. It is a simulation for gamers. It enables people to go to the Amusement Park from where they sit. Updates for summer, winter and special occasions.



Welcome to the Galactic Sports Confederation basketball event. Perform a basketball show for the arch rivals of the solar system. Show off your talents on different planets, either indefinitely or against time. Pass levels with three points, two points, dribbling and dunking. Every experience you gain will take you to larger stadiums. Show your own value for the Galactic Confederation. Play on planets from Mars to Uranus, from Jupiter to Saturn.


14 JULY 2021 (Released)

Queen B, presented to the players by Atakanos Games, adds innovation to the game age. Queen B is about the return of Queen Bee, who was deposed by her people. The returning Queen Bee must capture the hives and advance on the map. You can achieve this with your skills!
Thanks to your analytical intelligence and practicality, you can become the owner of all the hives you will come across. At the same time, you can raid the hives with your soldiers. If you want to get more win rates in your raids, it will be enough to open chests and gain abilities. Another option is to eliminate enemies by tapping. As a result of each win, you will encounter a new beehive. Various adventures await you until the very end of the map. Come on, join us!
Queen B allows in-game purchases. In this way, you can have new and powerful items. In addition to all these, it is a casual game and game that all ages and genders can easily play it is a type of fast. This game, Android phones are compatible and will be compatible with Apple in the future.

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The favorite game of Egyptian kings, which adds 5 days to the calendar; The Senet. This game is the most
popular intelligence and strategy game of the ancient world. Their story begins as a dynasty chosen by the
players gains power. An adventure from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt. Players will gain strength by fighting
against the Egyptian Gods in this game. Then they will fight each other in lobbies.

Queen B Trailer
Solar Basketball Earthadium
Solar Basketball Planet Derby
Luna Island Trailer

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